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About Spirit of the North

Most hunters might frown when they hear the words "high fence". This might be because most high fence operations allow the hunter to "walk in, pick an animal, and shoot it". With this being said, I suppose you cannot call Spirit of the North a "high fence" operation. I guess it would be more around the lines of "game management".

Brothers Randy, Kim and Blaine Tiringer along with partner Bob Martodam have hunted their entire lives, and have guided for well over a decade. They know exactly what it means to a hunter to have a "challenging" hunt, and they put every bit of their effort into making sure every hunter will experience nothing but a hunt of a lifetime.

The Area

As we mentioned previously, this is "not" your ordinary high fence hunt.

2,000 acres of heavy dense forest consisting of aspen, spruce, brush, hills, creeks and ponds will provide you with a very challenging hunt, yet will still ensure you 100% success.

With some of the best bloodlines and breeding in the industry, Spirit of the North will give you a wide variety of bulls with some scoring over 500 inches and bucks well over the 200 mark!!!

Just down the road, Kim Tiringer also has an amazing fair chase outfitting operation that provides moose, whitetail, black bear and waterfowl hunts. With an enormous amount of hunting area in and just outside of the Boreal forest, you will find monster moose, whitetail and black bear, and a waterfowl migration that some people will travel the world to see.

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Lodging and Guiding

Spirit of the North Lodge can be considered your "home away from home".

You will be provided with satellite T.V, internet, towels, bedding, and full time cooks that provide the best home cooked meals you could imagine.

The family atmosphere provides a perfect environment for family participation. Hunters are welcome to bring their spouse and/or family member with them. Accomodation and pricing for non-hunting companions are available upon request and are subject to available space.

Absolute professionalism, dedication, and hard work all come from our guides who have grown up hunting this area their entire lives.